Guides for Discovering Y/our Self-Scape 

Reflection, contemplation and meditation are critical components of Learning Ecology. It is an important aspect of your learning whatever programme or course or initiative you have registered for. This is particularly important for students as they embark on a mainstream tightly structured and packaged course/programme. 

Below you will find flipbooks that will help you in your effort. Please keep in mind that you need to give yourself some time to pursue these encounters. Please do not use these guides if you are in a hurry. They will not be helpful. 

Make time for yourself. You need to be patient as you encounter them. In addition, it will be good if you have a close friend or friends (as a group) to begin this process. Please do keep a diary or notebook to keep notes of your thoughts, feelings, queries and memories. Discuss. Dialogue. Rethink yourself. (Banner photo by Free Photos, www. More will be added soon.

Empathetic Compassion

A self-exploratory, self-development reflective journey to understand the contours of one's Self. Are we compassionate? Do we care?  (Selfscapes Series 1). 

The original tool on which the above is based is here: You may want to try this in relation to empathy.

Polarities and Spiritual Journey

Twenty-seven movements in the journey of spirituality. (SelfScape Series 2)

Making Sense of Compassion

Understanding compassion. A workbook for young people/students. (SelfScape Series 3)

Be a Seeker: UNFOLD Nest

  • Created by my students (students of Xavier Centre for New Humanities and Compassion Studies). As a student, it is good to start by knowing yourself better. Here is a self-discovery journey you can undertake.
  • Unfold Nest provides an inner voice that challenges your normal, taken-for-granted worlds and comfort zones.
  • Unfold Nest in the hands of sincere seekers is a precious tool. It helps us to enquire, reflect, illuminate, contemplate, nurture and grow into better versions of ourselves. And, to be actively mindful and caring for human beings.
  • Unfold Nest nourishes compassion, alerts attention, and sustains empathy in our daily meaningful behaviour towards people, other beings and the planet. It provides the key to unfold critical awareness and interconnectedness.
  • Unfold Nest helps you to see the new you.
  • Important Note: This journey needs time and patience. You have to be patient with yourself. Please allow for at least an hour or more. Or, do it over 2 or 3 sittings

Link to Unfold Nest Here. And Here.