WakeUp Messages 
Meaningful Messages for Reflection/Contemplation/Meditation...And Action.
 It kicks you. It knocks your head and heart. It jolts your taken-for-granted world. It offers a new way of looking at the world. It questions your beliefs. It offers a new language and meanings. It can set you thinking.

In a learning ecology of journeys and of encounters, growing a deeper knowledge of Self is key and critical. The "technology" to a deeper understanding of self is through critical reflection, contemplation and meditation. One has to sit or walk in quiet interrogation of oneself to mindfully learn, transform and act. Students are particularly encouraged to do this as they take up a programme of study. You can also use guides hereNote: Unless otherwise indicated here all e-cards here are from the web. They are publicly available. Collected and used here only for educational, non-profit purpose. 

Using this Collection

Use this collection mindfully. Choose any one randomly and understand its message. What is said and not said. Connect it to other realities. Connect with your life. With the people you know. With the contexts and situations, you are familiar. Choose two or three that connects and explore their meanings. Do they question your world? Do they make you feel guilty? Do they inspire you? Will they become a part of your language? Should you go beyond this collection and look at others? Do you need to read more on a person mentioned here? Work alone or with your friends. Share thoughts. Keep a diary. Understand yourself. Do verify the message if you have to.