There are many who are seeking new learning journeys. Many learning journeys (associated with courses/programmes) are being developed here to share with those who would like to co-create and co-produce. The main focus of these learning journeys is to find a way back to our common Home. We have come a long away from Home/from Nature in the name of development and progress. Not denying the value of our efforts, our achievements have generally put us in harm's way. We are moving further and further away from Mother Nature, leaving many behind in the process.

We need to stop and pause. Reflect. Rethink. Reimagine. Fight our own seductions and devils. We cannot change the world with the same thinking and passion that produced all the problems we are facing today, including COVID19. We may have activities but there is really no future in that. 

The ideas here are to critically engage with "TINA", the 'there-is-no-alternative' mindset. Also, the "Bu-Bu" (the business and bureaucracy) approach in mainstream humanities education. There is a need to stop recycling the futures of other supposedly advanced societies at every level. Most advanced societies are in some sort of mess today. We need to engage with indigeneity and femininity. We need to decolonise and deschool continuously. We need to be alert and critically engage with hegemonic cultures. We need to think beyond the seductions of disciplinarity and mindless-growth. We need to stop treating learning and education in terms of a factory model, packaging knowledge into marketable products within diversified slots. 

We need ways of naming/renaming the world, new 'languages', new narratives and new stories to live by. We need to also rediscover the wisdom of our elders. We need mindful and spiritually-engaged civil engagement. And, we need to let go many of our routines, take diversions and u-turns. The way back home is a difficult one but one that is absolutely necessary. 

Here are some W-I-P. (These are working titles.)

[Imagining Just Worlds: Decolonising Narratives] [*Virtues, Meanings and Values*] [Cosmological and Indigenous Worldviews: Recovering Development Pathways] [Self and Public Compassion: Six Praxis Approaches] [Reconciling Peace and Development: Building the Foundation for a Compassionate Future] [Thinking Critically About Thinking] [The Mother Spirit and Earth Sociology] [Birthing New Worlds: A Study of New Glossaries] 

Note: *Work is in progress on this -- Virtues in Movement (Nurturing Virtues for the Common/Public Good -- in a partnership between Xavier Centre for New Humanities and Compassion Studies, Indian Social Institute, New Delhi and Loyola Institute for Peace and International Relation, Kochi, Kerala.